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Using "Everything"

Running Everything for the first time

After Everything is installed it will begin indexing all your files.

Indexing can take a couple seconds, the progress is displayed in the status bar.

You can start searching immediately, however your results will not appear until the database has finished being built.

By default all volumes are included in the database to select which volumes to include see Indexing.

How to use "Everything"

"Everything" has 2 basic parts:

  • Search edit to set search parameters.
  • Result list to view search results.

To search for a folder or file:

  • Click on the search edit to bring it into focus.
  • Type in the full or partial name of the folders or files you wish to search for.

The results will be listed realtime.

To open an item:

  • Click on the item to select it and press enter.


  • Double click on an item.

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